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How Much Is My Slip Fall Case Worth?

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How Much Is The “Average” Slip And Fall Claim Worth?

Even if you added up all of the settlements and judgments in slip and fall accidents, divided them by the total number of slip and fall claims that were resolved via settlement discussions or a verdict, and then divided them by the amount of slip and fall cases that went to trial, you would not have an average slip and fall case.

Every accident is unique, so averages are meaningless.

The value of your case will be determined by a number of elements, including:

  • How Much Insurance The At-fault Party Has

Insurance covers the vast majority of personal injury settlements and awards. While you may sue an uninsured person and even win a judgment against him or her, collecting your money would probably be difficult because most individuals can’t afford to pay accident bills on their own.

  • The Severity Of Your Injury

More severe injuries often result in a rise in medical expenditures and missed income. More serious injuries are more likely to result in long-term impairments that will lower the victim’s earning potential, as well as additional negative side effects on their quality of life.

  • How Much You Were Making At The Time Of The Accident

While each life is worth the same, case values are partly based on income loss as a result of being unable to work. As a result, it makes sense that an adult who is injured at the peak of his or her career would lose more money than a youngster who is too young to work or a retiree who loses income.

  • Your Patience During Settlement Negotiations

Individuals who have been hurt in a slip and fall incident are naturally anxious for a resolution, which is entirely rational. While It’s not unusual for insurance adjusters to provide you with an early settlement offer, obtaining a fair payment for your injuries can take time. The greatest offers generally do not arrive until shortly before the case goes to trial or even throughout the litigation process.

  • Having An Experienced Attorney

A premises liability lawyer will evaluate your case, establish a value for it, determine liability, write your legal claim, gather evidence, negotiate with the at-fault party’s insurance provider, litigate your case, and collect your settlement or award. If you want to achieve the same end, you’ll need expert advice. It’ll be difficult to do so on your own.

What Type Of Injuries Do Slip And Fall Accidents Cause?


According to the National Floor Safety Institute, over one million hospital emergency department visits in the United States are caused by slips and falls each year, with some of the most severe injuries a person can suffer.

Those injuries can include:

  • Bone Fractures, Especially Broken Hips

Broken hips are a major concern for individuals older than 65, since statistics show that just half of all people over 65 who suffer this type of damage will ever be able to return home or live independently. The wrists and elbows are two of the most frequently fractured bones in slip and fall incidents. This is frequently due to the body’s natural impulse to “catch itself” when it falls by extending its arms. 

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries


Falls are one of the most common causes of brain damage, which occurs when the head or body is violently struck. The brain is an essential organ in charge of the activities and involuntary movements of the rest of the body. Despite its significance, the brain has only a limited capacity to heal after injury. This frequently leads to long-term disorders including memory loss, communication difficulties, unbalanced movement, or lack of control over one’s actions or emotions.

  • Spinal Cord Injuries 

Falls are also one of the most common causes of this harm, which damages the spinal cord, a collection of nerves that runs from the base of the skull to the waist and transmits messages between the brain and other parts of the body. Paralysis, loss of feeling and function below the injury are frequent sequelae associated with spinal cord injuries. A spinal cord injury in the cervical (neck) region typically results in quadriplegia or tetraplegia, which is paralysis from the neck down. Paralysis and loss of feeling and function in the lower extremities are common outcomes of a spinal cord injury at a lower level.

  • Soft Tissue Injuries

Such as SLAP tears, strains and sprains, and other damage to the muscles, tendons, and cartilage. The joints themselves, as well as adjacent jointed areas, are particularly vulnerable to harm. The knees can be severely injured from twisting or wrenching the joint during a fall.

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What Is A Slip And Fall Lawsuit Worth?

There is no one-size-fits-all figure. A victim of a slip and fall accident does not receive the same compensation.

What is the value of a slip and fall claim? There is no such thing as a standard amount. The compensation received by a victim of a slip and fall accident is determined by the culpability of the wrongdoer responsible for the incident, the severity and extent of injuries, and the injuries’ impact on the victim’s life. It also depends on the cost of treating the injuries, as well as a future expense.

Let’s look at the factors that influence the value of a slip and fall claim, which is known as the outcome. Continue reading to learn what a slip and fall lawyer can do for you today. To talk about your case, contact Slip Fall Texas right now.

What Is A Slip And Fall?


A “slip and fall” accident is actually a collection of several distinct sorts of incidents. A person may literally slip and fall. It’s a typical case of slipping on a puddle or spillage at the local market, for example, causing you to slip. When you walk on carpet, even a little bit of weight can cause it to give way. This might happen if the carpet on a hotel’s floor was not firmly tacked down. As a result, not every fall scenario is identical.

There’s also a “step and fall,” in which a person inadvertently steps on the edge of an open manhole or a dark sidewalk surface with no warning. Slip and fall legislation is concerned with these situations. Thus, fall claims can include slips or tumbles over fixed objects, liquid exposure, and other difficulties or roadblocks.

Premises Liability Law


Slip and fall accidents are a type of premises liability law. Under Texas law, a business property owner has a duty of care to their consumers and the general public. The property owner is responsible for ensuring that their premises, or the places where they conduct business are safe. There should be no locations where members of the public may be put in danger as a result of their own actions or inaction.

Property owners should keep their properties in a safe condition. For example, no spilt liquid should be seen in a store or left as a danger to innocent shoppers. There should be no lumps in the carpet at a hotel that someone could trip over. In rental homes, areas should be kept in good working order. There should be no low places on the sidewalk where someone could trip or holes or breakable sections in stairs where people might fall or slip.

Owner Of Property Has A Duty To Keep The Area Safe


A property owner, therefore, is obligated to maintain their property safe while also being aware of new present dangers that may lead to a fall accident.

However, not all property owners keep their properties secure. Storekeepers and landlords are sometimes too busy to perform adequate upkeep. Profit is frequently the most powerful incentive for property owners, compelling them to cut corners and save money, leaving the public in danger. They have betrayed their duty of care if they do not maintain their properties safely. The duty of care was violated as a result of the fall, and this failure caused them to be negligent in their responsibilities as property owners, which resulted in the accident.

It is negligence that results in liability for a fall accident caused by the negligent breach of duty of care. If you can show that an owner was careless and this carelessness resulted in an accident that hurt you, you might be able to pursue a slip and fall claim under premises liability law. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help get the maximum potential compensation for your injuries. It’s frequently necessary to hire an expert to show how the property owner deviated from industry norms in a fall case.

Common Causes Of Slip And Fall Accidents


The following are some of the most prevalent dangers that property owners may overlook, which can lead to a slip and fall accident. It is crucial to remember that even if these circumstances exist on a property and could cause a fall, they do not necessarily imply that the owner’s negligence caused them.

  • Wet flooring
  • Uneven flooring
  • Loose power cables
  • Poor lighting
  • A lack of handrails and similar safety barriers
  • Loose carpeting
  • Holes
  • Debris
  • Freshly waxed or mopped floors
  • Open drawers or cabinet doors that block walkways

Reasonable Person Standard Is Used In A Fall Case


But what if the owner is certain that the property is secure? After all, it’s not unusual for landlords to maintain that their basement steps are completely safe, despite a burned-out lightbulb that makes safe navigation nearly impossible.

In these instances, the law uses a “reasonable person” test. If a reasonable individual were to believe that the premises are dangerous, they may be deemed hazardous under the legislation. For example, most reasonable individuals would concur that if there is no or little light in a basement, the stairs are dangerous to walk down.

What if the premises are hazardous or a dangerous condition exists, but some event or action suddenly transforms them into such? Couldn’t the business owner say that they didn’t realize the conditions were hazardous since they weren’t prior?

The law turns to a reasonable person standard in such situations. A business owner is responsible for making the workplace secure and responding to events or actions that render it unsafe if a reasonable person would have known or should have known they were hazardous.

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